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Magic the Gathering: Theros Art Review

Wizards of the Coast have done a great job on the artwork for their Magic: the Gathering game over the past few years. The standard of the ‘average’ card is far improved over that of years past. This has no doubt contributed to the game’s explosive growth over the past five years.

The at for Theros likewise does not disappoint, with many striking pieces to catch the eye. The set takes its inspiration from classical Greek mythology. So we see a pantheon of gods, independent city states with their own traditions, and cards that are obvious parallels to Greek myth.

A combination of new, emerging, and established M:tG artists have been combined to create some fantastic imagery for this set. I have selected my top 5, which I will share below.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx by Jung Park


The altar of an open air temple set against the night sky. In Theros, the trials and triumphs of the gods are laid bare in the night sky, and so the patterns are frequently consulted by oracles. This fantastic piece by Jung Park makes for a great representation of the set.

Shipwreck Singer by Daarken

Sirens are another part of Greek mythology that stays with us today. Even now a loud keening noise designed to lock in our attention is referred to as a siren. Right? This piece by Daarken shows a ship wrecked on rocks on a stormy night. The siren is in the foreground, flying off after a job well done, by siren standards.ssinger

Nylea, God of the Hunt by Chris Rahn

There are five gods represented on cards in Theros. Chris Rahn’s Nylea is my favourite. Like the other gods, she has a star field visible through her body. The huntress stands poised against the sky, arrow nocked and ready. The designers at Wizards have further reinforced this by carrying the star field pattern to the upper half of the card border. The gods and anything created by the gods has this card border, which is a nice touch.

nylea large nyleagoth

Nighthowler by Nils Hamm

Nils Hamm’s style is another favourite of mine. This art depics one of the creatures created by the gods to test or punish humanity. Theros is a realm of heroes, and needs its onsters too. As this creature is ‘of the gods’ its card also has the star field border. You can also see the artist has carried the star field theme onto the creature itself.


Gift of Immortality by Matt Stewart

The hero, clad in classical greek-looking armour, stands rather heroically posed on a sheer cliff framed against a cloudy sky. A larger and mystical shadow is writ large among the clouds themselves, showing his status.


These five represent my favourites, and it was not an easy choice. Wizards of the Coast has delivered another Magic set with excellent visuals. To see all the cards, visit the Theros card gallery.

One comment on “Magic the Gathering: Theros Art Review

    September 26, 2013

    I love the artwork, and wish I knew how to build a deck, and play the game.

    It looks mystical and fascinating!


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