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Bones update 2

The first four Bones models are painted, and I thought it went rather well. The material, though soft, takes paint very well. It retains its softness after painting, so there may be some issues later. For now the paint is staying on with no problems.


My methodology here was to first given them a wash in soapy water, rinse off. After that they were given a spray undercoat and then painted just as I would any other metal or plastic figure. There weren’t any issues. The female giant figure was painted using Games Workshop’s Edge paints, which I picked up in a box last year. The skin, hair and clothes are all edge paints. Turned out nicely. The flaming sword didn’t really work though. Previously I’ve used the Edge paints only to mix with a base colour for highlighting, and maybe a touch as a final highlight. Worked fine here though.

Here are the next five. Five, because my mother was visiting when it was time to choose them, and she wanted to pick too.


I have taken a separate picture of the two wizards (bones and metal) together so you can see them here.


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