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What Achievements Can Tell Us About a Game

Achievements are an interesting window into a game. In general, designers will put achievements against the kinds of things they expect us to do anyway while playing, plus a few ‘stretch’ achievements, and then maybe a few wacky things on top of that. At the time if writing this Rome II: Total War is less than 24 hours from release, and I’ve been looking at the Steam achievements to see what insight they offer.

campaign map

1. Special abilities are available to use during battles (Achievement: First Time Lucky).  I don’t know what they are, but it’s going to be interesting finding out. Perhaps a once per battle buff for your army, coming from the general?

2. Sieges are now based around holding victory points rather than ‘kill everything and head for the city centre’ (Achievement:  Siege!). This looks like a positive improvement. Sieges were my favourite thing to auto-complete.

3. Technology research trees exist (Achievement: The Great Library). This may not be a first for Total War games, but as the original Rome and Medieval 2 were the most recent titles I’ve played, I have yet to see how these fit into a campaign.

4. Creative Assembly don’t want us to auto-resolve! (Achievements: various). Several achievements won’t fire if you use this option.

5. There are multiple paths to Victory: (Achievements: various) I’ve noted achievements for winning victory through military, economic, or diplomatic means. The older games simply wanted you to control a set number of provinces.

6. Special characters can level up (Achievements: various) There are achievements for obtaining the maximum level for a champion, spy, dignitary, and general/admiral character during the game. Presumably they are each present for every playable faction.

Those are some of my observations. Has anyone else ever used achievement to see what a soon-to-be-released game might involve?


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