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Painting Bones

With over 200 bones models, the order of painting becomes quite arbitrary. I decided to involve the rest of the family, since they were impressed with the models as they arrived. As non-wargamers, I think they liked the fully assembled appearance the Bones figures have out of the box (out of the bag really).

I’m painting the figures in batches of four, and each member of the family gets to choose one of the figures in each batch. I hid the larger figures away and only showed the hobbit/man/troll sized figures as painting options. I’ll tackle Griffons and bone giants in due course. Pictured below are the first four miniatures chosen. From left to right they are the eldest member of the family’s choice (me) down to the youngest (miss 5).

Assuming I put some painting grunt n a complete one batch every fortnight, it will be two years before the Bones are complete. That’s two years. Two years. It’s a while however I say it.



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