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On the tray 5

ottaug13It’s been a while, but here is the painting tray as it now stands. It features the entire Willy Miniatures fantasy football team, placed there to encourage me to paint them. I’ve half finished the beastmen, nothing past the undercoat on the others. I wasn’t sure about the dark skin tone so I didn’t start the Minotaur yet. I like how it’s coming along, so I will probably do the minotaur next and the warriors last.

Also there are three Imbrian Arts goblins who have been there for some time now. Did I mention these fantastically detailed miniatures take a while to paint die to the fantastic level of detail? I’m sure I have.

Towards the back of the tray are an almost complete fantasy hero and an almost almost complete King Harold and his brothers, a special character stand for SAGA and the last Anglo-Dane figures in my collection.

What I’m trying to do now is clear the tray and begin painting all those Bones models.


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