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Bones and Metal

I have one miniature in both metal and bones plastic, a wizard that has already been painted up as one of the fantasy heroes. Here they are side by side.

bonescompareAs you can see, they are quite comparable in terms of their detail. The proof of things will remain in the painting. My plan here is to paint the bones figure as the ‘evil twin’ of the wizard, so we’ll see how that goes.

The Bones plastic has been criticised by some for being too soft, including by the friend I went halves on the vampire order with. In the end I bought him out and kept all the models, as they were delivered to me and the rest of the family really liked them. That leaves me with over 200 additional models to paint. Will it stop me from buying yet more? Doubtful.

The soft plastic can arrive bent, though a quick dip into hot and then cold water sorts that out, as shown in this helpful video.


Update: Now I’ve painted the bones version, here they are together:



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