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So I went in for the Bones Kickstarter, at Vampire Level. What a ride that was. Reaper did a very clever thing at thier vampire pledge level – the more people pledged ($100), the more figures everybody received for thier pledge. In the end I received north of 200 models for my pledge. Now these were originally slated for March and instead they arrived the week after PAX. This a a thing with wildly successful Kickstarters that involve physical rewards – more items take longer to make. If you in a Kickstarter that does way more than expectation, expect delays.

The models are here now and they are a nicely varied bunch. Some models are slightly larger or smaller than I thought based on the photo. I also picked up a Bone Giant as an extra. One thing I like is the modelled bases on these models. The sci-fi models are standing on metal decking, other models are standing on dungeon floor stone, or town brick, or wooden boards.

The plastic is softer than I am used to working with, softer even than the Talisman models I previously painted.

First image is with the flash on, to show up some of the detail


The next two are closer looks at this group. This is going to be a long painting journey!

DSCN3781 DSCN3780

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