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Scent of a PAX Gamer

So, PAX Australia was awesome. I spent the full three days there (except for some shopping in Melbourne on the morning of Day 2.  There were one or two things that will no doubt be improve in future years (yes, there will be future years!), overall the event was incredible.

It was the people there who made it so. I haven’t struck up this many conversations with complete strangers in years. It didn’t matter though, everyone knew why they were there, and everyone knows what you are talking about. It’s cool.


I didn’t wear a costume but to all those who did – thank-you. Each of you made PAX more awesome by your presence.IMG_1695


As you’d know from the content of this blog, tabletop games are my principal interest. There was one disappointing aspect to the tabletop area- there weren’t enough tables. Several hundred people could be seated at any given time, and there were always others wandering around searching for space to play. So, the tabletop area was a hit.


I went to a few. The Penny Arcade Q&A is a subject in itself. The Magic and Rome II: Total War sessions already have their own articles. There was a good selection of panels, again if there’s a down point it’s that PAX Aus has already outgrown its venue and sometimes people missed out.

Expo Hall

The expo hall was a pleasing mix of things to buy and games being demo’d that I would never have otherwise seen. I’ve already been over the Steam to vote for Dungeon Dashers on Greenlight. My daughters are bound to enjoy playing Tasty Fish too.

Penny Arcade Q&A

I attended the second Q&A session and was glad I did. I don’t know how they managed it, but Mike and Jerry made a gathering of 1,000 seem intimate. Jerry confirmed that PAX Australia is here to stay, to the cheers and relief of the crowd. “We’re not here for shits and giggles” he said. Also, at the opening he had us sing the Vegemite song to him. Yes, we all know it. Then he described the product as “congealed hatred in a jar” which is the best description I’ve heard in my 20 years here. Mike and Jerry also got to name a scientific instrument (any question can be asked, including “could you please name my scientific instrument?”). The “Worldsieve” will shortly be attached to a telescope in Hawaii to search for Earth-like planets orbiting distant stars.

Where else would you find Stormtroopers playing Jenga?


More costume images




I did some shopping too…


… but then I woke up and there was no more PAX… until next year!




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