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Kicking Off

The last time I wrote about Kickstarter the tone was quite different. With three high profile miniatures failures there was a question mark over the continued viability of crowdfunding as a source for miniatures funds at least. That questions has now been resolutely refuted.


If anything what has been shown is that to be successful you must fill a gap in the market, and the gap must have a clear existing demand. For example:

Deadzone – science fiction skirmish. Provides a new system for the genre, new models and terrain. Funded (and how!)

Secret Weapon Tablescapes – wargames tabletops. Gives gamers an affordable tablescape set with a pleasing degree of variety and utility. Funded.

Toughest Girls in the Galaxy – female SF soldiers in a variety of styles. Funded in seconds. When Jezebel starts talking about miniatures you know word has spread.


Clearly there is a massive latent demand out there for the models we would like to see, but can’t. Companies that use Kickstarter to coalsece our dreams into a series of purchasable plastics are on the fast track to success. All the usual disclaimers about Kickstarter structure, pledge levels and so on still apply. There is not one true path in terms of your Kickstarter layout though. Right now the trend is having ‘early bird’ specials on the various funding levels, and that seems to be working to give projects the initial rush of funding that helps the word spread. No doubt in another six months this method will change again.

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