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Miniatures Review: Willy Miniatures Chaos Team

The Chaos fantasy foot ball team from Willy miniatures consists of beastmen, chaos warriors, a Minotaur  and assorted star players. If you play Games Workshop’s Blood Bowl, it is a very good alternative team option.

Willy Miniatures crowdfunded this team through Indiegogo, and brought sculptor Fausto Rodriguez  to produce figures for the project. The crowdfunding project is a story for another day, bringing in a talented sculptor made a massive difference to the project.

The figures

The figures are all well proportioned against one another, but still with enough variety to be pleasing to the eye. The eight beastmen are all clearly individuals, not clones, and also clearly of the same type. The four warriors too fit well together without being repetitive.


There is a tendency in fantasy football teams for figures to be quite static, striking a pose for the Panini sticker album maybe, but not going about their business on the pitch. Not here. The beastmen a running, jumping and charging at their opponents, or getting ready to swing a nasty punch. The chaos warriors are the same, with one coming in for a running kick. Foul! The minotaur is looking down menacingly, asking if someone spilled his pint. Of blood.



Multi-part metals are my least favourite to assemble, however assembling these figures was a dream. Heads and arms or forearms are required to be glued onto the models, in some cases a head or arm is already present. Pairing these items up with their correct owners is straightforward even when you have the whole team’s worth laid out in front of you. The joins are intelligently placed, and make these easy to put together. I used off the shelf gel superglue and didn’t need to hold anything in place for more than ten seconds.


Top quality figures, dynamic poses, and easy to assemble? Honestly that gives me all the value I need. Price is more of a personal thing, so I’ll direct you to the Willy Miniatures website where you can make up your own mind.

All in all a great addition to the range of fantasy football miniatures out there.

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  2. Traveller
    August 2, 2013

    Thx for the info about the sculptor. I will use it a my website
    Ruediger aka Traveller


    • davekay
      August 3, 2013

      you’re welcome!


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