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Games and Stories

I am more interested in a game that lets me tell a story over a game that seeks to tell a story regardless of what I do. With computer games, this means I tend to gravitate towards strategy and rpg titles, but other genres have plenty to offer.

The games itself doesn’t need to be devoid of a story to allow this to happen, though usually a game will give you some objectives, then leave you free to make your own way to victory, building a story for yourself as you go. These are the games I tend to come back over and over.

Civilization series is one of these  The latest iteration gives you multiple routes to victory, and various means to achieve them. With an ever changing map and mix of opponents the possibilities are endless. If there is one problem here it’s that I tend to lose interest around the industrial age and often abandon games between there and the end. The story is no longer as interesting. I have come to the conclusion that Civ’s turn by turn mechanics are suited to life up to the Middle Ages, but fail to modernise with your civilization after that. Still, a worthy entry.

Doomdark’s Revenge is my favourite though a fairly obscure title. In this game you begin with three characters, and have to navigate through a strange land, forming alliances with the local lords against Shareth the Heartstealer, and bring back the son of one of the characters. Shareth is gathering her own forces. Each game plays differently, though the objective remains the same, as lords are free to move about the lands and form alliances of thier own. Sometimes you’ll find it easy to rally the various factions to your cause. Other times the maps seems deserted until you discover a massive horde, loyal to Shareth, heading your way! A great strategy game.


Medieval: Total War is another grand strategy game that sets an objective and then gives you open slather in how to get there. Putting you in control of a fledgling medieval nation, it’s your task to rise to a commanding position in the Mediterranean. Join or resist crusades command or stand against the Mongol horde, there’s plenty to do in this game, and is another titles that keeps you coming back for another go, just to see how it works out with a different faction.

What games let you tell the stories you like to hear?


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