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Kings of England: A Blood Bowl Saga part 5

The next league follows the similar 4-team round robin so far established. This league sees the Kings of England pitted against Elf, Lizardmen, and Halfling teams.

The first opponent off the block is the elf team. I’ve a lot of respect for elves with their strong catchers, this team is tailor made for grabbing the ball and scoring quickly. That didn’t work for them this team, with the Kings of England winning 2-0. Harold reached level 4, the first player to get that far.

Then things began to get difficult. The Lizardmen were the next opposition and for once the humans found themselves comprehensively out-bashed and clinging on.

2013-04-14_00003That’s right. Three casualties, including a death, and two knocked out players. The game ended in a 1-1 draw after late touchdowns from each side. The Lizardmen were tremendously tough opponents. Things weren’t helped by stupid George II, who must have the lightest touch in the league. Even when he managed to knock an opponent down, he couldn’t cause an injury. The Lizardmen players had no such difficulty. The only bright spot of the match was Stephen reaching level 4.

With Henry killed, and William and John each due to miss the next game, some decisions had to be taken. John was already suffering from a niggling injury suffered in an early match, so he was released. There were enough funds available to recruit John II and Henry II in time for the next game, against the Halflings. The Kings of England would be limited to 11 players, but against this opposition it should prove okay.

After a 3-0 victory, the gambit paid off. John II and Henry II each caused a casualty in their debut, so well done bruisers! George II finally managed to knock a couple of players down properly to reach level 2. In another bonus he rolled a double, and took the Block skill. Edward and Edmund II reached level 4, leaving only Alfred of the four Blitzers on level 3.

Next up was the finals, which featured the Kings of England versus… the Lizardmen. With William recovered the team was back up to 12 players, but entered the match knowing that a draw would not be good enough, and that a long match would favour their opposition.


An early touchdown put the team in a good position but those Saurus still pack a mighty punch. No victory can be without casualties…


…and here they are. Fortunately this time those were simple ‘miss the rest of the game’ injuries, with no lasting ill-effects. Clearly the apothecary learned from the previous experience! The sole advance from this game was John II reaching level 2, not bad for a player on his second match.

The Kings of England were again victorious and have now won three trophies out of three. It’s still a long way to the top.


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