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Kings of England: A Blood Bowl Saga part 3

The Kings of England are victorious!

2013-04-10_00003One trophy down, many more to go before the coveted Blood Bowl cup can be won. I was a little despondent after the game against the goblins where two players were killed but the team has recovered well and quickly.

2013-04-10_00004The roster now looks as it did when the team started, except with Edmund II and George II. Also a few players have gained a level, though no one has reached level 3 as yet.

The next league works the same as this one, that is it consists of four team, and you play each team once, and then there are the finals which are two knock-out games. The next league has Necromantic, Nurgle, and Wood Elf teams so there should be more of a challenge there.




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