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Kings of England: A Blood Bowl Saga part 4

This league competition is four teams, with the humans joined by Necromantic, Nurgle, and Wood Elf. Each of these teams is able to out-run or out-punch the humans, or both. Looks like a challenge.

The round robin games ended up as:

Kings of England 3-1 Wood Elf

Kings of England 2-0 Necromantic

Kings of England 3-0 Nurgle

There were no permanent casualties in these stages, and on genuinley new expereince – playing a team with a lower team rating than mine!


That was nice, and the game went well too! After gliding through the first three games, it was the Necromantic team I met again in the semis.


Turned out to be bad news for them as they had a ghoul and a flesh golem killed in the game. Rather than than me… the Kings of England won that 2-1.

The finals were against the Wood Elf team. They had recruited a treeman since I met them last, which gave me some pause, but in the end the treeman turned out to be easily avoided. The wood elves themselves scored first, and the first half ended up 1-1, with one casualty suffered by the Kings of England, though nothing career threatneing

In the second half, the human stepped up their game, thumping the little elves off the pitch and running home to score twice more. A 3-1 victory and a familiar message showing up:


I hope the picture of the trophy changes depending on which cup you win, but we’ll see. The Kings of England are hitting their stride now. Three of the four Blitzers have added Mighty Blow and Tackle to their skills, making them dangerous to weak opposition. The fourth has Sprint and +1 Movement, and with an Agility 4 Thrower this team can both thump and run through for the Touchdown when there is a break in the enemy line. This is proving to be an effective¬†combination.


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