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Kings of England: A Blood Bowl Saga part 2

I call this episode Death! Or why you should never play a Goblin team without an apothecary to hand. This was the result:


Edmund, my star player of the future, and George the Ogre both dead on the field. Nothing I could do about it as I had spent my bonus money on additional re-rolls for the game rather than a wandering apothecary. What’s the worst that could happen? This apparently. The Kings of England nevertheless ran out 2-0 winners. However the team roster looks rather sad following this game.


Ten players, all at level 1 is hardly an exciting prospect to take into the next game, this one against a Dark Elf team. Dark Elves are noted for their speed and for their hitting power so I expect to be outlassed twice.

The good thing is that with a team rating so low, I can afford to bring that giant of Blood Bowl lore, Morg ‘n Thorg onto the pitch to assist me!


I had over 600,000 coins to play with so he seemed like a good option, along with an apothecary. The Kings of England again took victory in a 2-0 scoreline, this time without suffering any casualties along the way. Heading into the finals, the team roster now looks like this:


That’s two players at level 2, including Stephen the Thrower who gained a very useful point in Agility, making him far better and picking up and passing the ball. Another Blitzer went to level 2, Alfred who has taken the Mighty Blow skill to aid his hitting power.


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