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Kings of England: A Blood Bowl Saga part 1

I’ve enjoyed the computer version of Blood Bowl, even to the point of following my purchase of the Legendary version with the newer Chaos version. Only to be expected since the Chaos Dwarfs were one of the three additional teams added in the new version.

Humans are the subject of this saga, which tells the tale of a team I’ve called the Kings of England and their quest to win the Blood Bowl Cup.

Playing the  game in campaign mode means you enter competitions and gain or lose fame depending on how well you perform. Finally, you get the opportunity to compete for the biggest trophy of all.\

Every Blood Bowl team has a thing, and this team’s thing is that I have decided to name all the players after monarchs of England. When a player dies or is otherwise replaced, the new player will take the same name, so Edward would become Edward II, for example.

Here is the starting roster:


I decided to start with Alfred (the Great) as mu number one player. The names go through the list of monarchs until with reach stupid George, the Ogre. The team will most likely stay at 12 players throughout its life, and I was happy to start this way, with just two team re-rolls and no apothecary.

First game was against a Vampire team. The result was a 2-1 win to the Kings of England. Nice way to start! The Vampire teams scored the first touchdown, but the humans struck back through Edmund.


One surprise is this game was the high number of casualties – all suffered by the Vampire team:


With the game won and plenty of casualties caused and none suffered, the Kings of England are in a strong position going into their second game. The first league is a group of four teams, and Goblins and Dark Elves make up the rest of this league, so they will be the next two opponents.

Here is the new team roster, with Edmund rolling a double 2 to take the Dodge skill.



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