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On The Tray 2

Another month, another pic of the painting tray. Now I look at this, I see that the tray itself with all its splodges of paint, makes it difficult to make out the models. I’ll take the models off the try of future on the tray shots. If you see. These days I have moved on to plastic palettes but there’s a decade or more of paint history embedded there.


What you see, aside from random objects that have been there far too long, are; the final eight Anglo-Dane hearthguard, these ones with great axes, and the represent a mix of Gripping Beast and Conquest Games plastics. This was not as easy as you might think, as one range has the neck as part of the body, those other has the neck as part of the head. Also one range attached arms from the elbow, the other attaches arms form the shoulder. A bit of cutting and green stuff was required to make the combination work. Also, if a weapon requires two separate arms to hold it there is no way on this Earth I can make that happen. As you see. No really, that was me trying.

Next to them is the Anglo-Dane warlord, less progressed than the hearthguard but I expect to finish both this month. Behind them are three Imbrian Arts goblins all on scenic bases, and a wizard from the fantasy heroes collection. This wizard has recently been re-done by Reaper as a Bones model, this one is metal.



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