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Chaos Dwarfs Complete

Completing a project always makes me happy. I’ve always enjoyed playing Blood Bowl, and having all my teams complete is great. Until the models from Willy Miniatures arrive that is.


This is all the models, painted in their team colours of pink and gold. My original plan was for turquoise and gold, but that changed when my four-year-old tipped a third of a pot of pink paint out and promptly went to do something else. I’ve even added a ball painted in the team colours, visible at the lower right of the image. These guys are ready to play as soon as I find an opponent!

This team was acquired in 2002, so it’s nice to have them complete, and to tick off another project in the long list of projects to do. Part of the reason why I divide my collection into distinct projects is to give myself a sense of completion as I get through them, rather than look at the pile of unpainted models, and think “did I event make a dent in that?”


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