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Fantasy Villains Update

I buy miniatures on and off over the years, sometimes with no idea what game to use them in. Other times, I abandon a game system but keep by favourite models just in case. Some miniatures I keep simply out of nostalgia. Of these a few fit broadly into a ‘villains’ category, so here they are.

villains 1

There’s a definite lean towards Games Workshop models in this collection. The models all stand on a base from a wargames set from GW. In the front stand Isabella and Vlad Von Carstein. These models are so old I  believe they are lead.

Behind them sit an Avatars of War orc shaman, and a games workshop Necrarch vampire, both done in white metal. On the forward edges are an old GW skeleton (another lead figure) and a champion of Khorne in white metal. The final painted figure is a more recent Games Workshop figures, though take that word comparatively  It’s a vampire from their Mordheim fantasy skirmish game, if memory serves.

Behind them are models undercoated in white or black. There are four old Warhammer Quest figures from the Catacombs of Terror expansion, circa 1997.  As for the black undercoats, four are Talisman metal figures, Ninja, Orc, Warrior of Chaos and Witch Doctor. The central figure is an old GW champion of chaos named Aekold Hellbrass. This remains my favourite GW figure, a Perry job, naturally.

Closer looks at these figures will come when I get round to painting them and their base.

3 comments on “Fantasy Villains Update

  1. Monkey's Blood
    March 21, 2013

    Ah, the classic Vlad model. One of my favourites.


    • davekay
      March 21, 2013

      Yes I prefer this Vlad and Isabella to the current ones


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