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On the Tray

I don’t always make complete a project element in a single week. Let me rephrase that. I rarely complete a project element in a single week. I usually make some progress, and that’s what On the Tray is all about. An image of my painting tray, once every one or two weeks, to show what I am up to.


In the upper left corner are the five hobgoblins that will complete the Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team, these are about 80% finished  Upper right in a single black-undercoated figure, which will be my Anglo-Dane warlord for SAGA. Originally this was a Lord of the Rings figure from Games Workshop. It doesn’t represent anyone from the films, but it’s a great model.

In front of him are some almost complete Anglo-Dane hearthguard. Seven of them have their shield transfers, the eighth does not, as I mucked up taking the transfer off the backing and ruined it in the process. A friend gave me one of his transfers which will be applied. I am very fortunate in my gamer friends.

Lastly we have another eight Anglo-Dane hearthguard, these ones with Dane axes. They are a mix of Conquest Games Normans and Gripping Beast Saxons. Which is why some of them have green stuff for necks. The Conquest bodies come with the great axe arms I want, while Gripping Beast have the right head style. Green stuff is very useful for hobbyists, you don’t need to be a budding sculptor to make use of it.

As with the other Anglo-Danes they are being painted over a black undercoat. The hobgoblins (and Chaos Dwarfs before them) were both painted over white. I tend to alternate between the two, depending on how I’ve chosen to approach the models.

There are some other bits and pieces on the tray, notable some round bases where I experiments with putting a layer of green stuff down and making a stone pattern. I think of those bases as the ones where I made all my mistakes, the next lot will look better.


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