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SAGA Tactics: Anglo-Danes

Anglo-Danes are a faction that represents the “English” in the mid-11th century. Note that this faction is based around the extent of the Danish Empire founded by King Canute, which covered Denmark, Norway England, and parts of what are now Scotland and Sweden. Your Anglo-Dane warband  in SAGA could well represent men who have never trod on English soil.

cantue empire map

Anglo-Danes are a tough stand-alone army who specialise in wearing the opponent down and hitting them hard with a few key combat phases. The Anglo-Dane faction makes good use of SAGA’s fatigue mechanic to gain an advantage at key points of the game.

The ten unique abilities on the Anglo-Dane battle board fall into two main groups, those used in the orders pahse, and those used in the melee phase. You get three of the former and six of the latter. The balance is made up with Intimidation, an activation reaction.

One important point to note is that none of the ten abilities will activate one or more of your units; any activations you do will come from the basic five abilities. Your unique abilities are mainly to wear your opponent down.

Trapped is probably the signature ability here, which allows you to place a fatigue marker on up to three enemy units. Exhaustion is used later in the game to hit enemy exhausted units.

Your melee abilities help you reach this point, by putting additional fatigue onto enemy units involved in melee. Use Intimidation to slow your opponent’s ability to recover through resting on their turn.

It is important to keep an eye on how many activations you need in a given turn. Too much focus on your abilities will cede the movement initiative to your opponent, which can be disastrous is certain scenarios. In a given turn you may only activate half your army, keeping the rest of your dice free to play your melee abilities and generally keep placing fatigue on those enemy units. Yes, your opponent can rest to remove fatigue, but that costs an activation too.

A lighting strike to kill off an enemy unit of warriors or hearthguard early in the game can help you tremendously  As an army that tries to control the flow of the games Anglo-Danes find themselves at a greater advantage when the opponent has fewer SAGA dice than they do. So many of the Anglo-Dane abilities effectively, or literally cancel and enemy activation that your opponent will struggle to keep up.

Anglo-Danes are a tricky army to play well, and they will struggle against some opponents more than others. Once you get the hand of activating a few of your units per turn, focus attention on one or two enemy, and bog the rest down with extra fatigue they can be very rewarding.


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