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Imbrian Arts Orcs & Goblins Update

The box of orcs and goblins from Imbrian Arts was an impulse buy in 2011 at a local convention. I saw the figures and thought they were great. The fact that the scultpr was local sealed the deal.

These figures are sculpted in soft lead alloy rather than the lead free white metal typically used these days. Lead is softer and hold more detail. It’s also easier to work with. It’s toxic too, but you can’t have everything. Seriously though, while you will benefit from taking some basic precautions around lead figures that you would not need to worry about with pewter, this is to hard to do. Full HazMat suits are not required. Some people use face masks and thin latex gloves, both of which are available in any hardware store.

My approach with lead is to assemble them and undercoat them as quickly as possible. This way, when handling the models I’m touching the paint on top, not the metal underneath.


The image above shows the models assembled and undercoated. I placed them on a variety of bases, as I used this opportunity of a new painting project to try a few new things with bases.

Since that image was taken I’ve painted a grand total of three of the figures. Better than zero, right? Here’s a goblin, which I’m not 100% happy with, the orange cloak really doesn’t work.


It’s a nice model, and the base works well with it. I’ve also painted the two orcs, which I am far happier with:



The goblin being eaten is more indicative of how I’m likely to paint the other goblins, when I get to them.

I was happy to see Imbrian Arts run a successful Kickstarter late last year. I didn’t enter myself, since I have yet to finish what I own already.




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