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Dystopian Wars Prussians Update

Dystopian Wars is a steampunk miniatures game of naval conflict in an alternative 1870. Of the factions available it was the Prussian forces that appealed to me most in terms of appearance, so that was my choice for a fleet.

I completed the fleet starter box in reasonable time, but I’v since bought some additional models that have yet to be painted. Seen below is the completed fleet box, which along with the rules is enough to get started.



These models were quite enjoyable to paint. I was continually surprised by the sharpness of the detail on these resin casts. One thing for Spartan Games is that they totally changed by expectations on the level of quality that can be achieved with resin.

Seen here are nine frigates  three cruisers and a battleship. The turrets on the larger vessels are separate metal pieces and I painted these separately before attaching them to the ships. The ships themselves were panted with metal, brass and wood tones. A blue was used as a signature colour across the fleet. It’s a bit dark for a Prussian blue, but never mind.

I see from the date stamp that this picture was taken almost two years ago as I write this. I have added a grand total of one painted model since then, a Metzger robot submerged. That’s the concern with multiple projects; it’s difficult to actually finish anything. One day…

2 comments on “Dystopian Wars Prussians Update

  1. Monkey's Blood
    February 12, 2013

    Love the models. Really tempted to give this game ago – have you had a chance to give it a go? I’d be interested in hearing how it plays.


    • davekay
      February 12, 2013

      It’s a fun game, and simply playing the contents of each fleet box against one another will give you a good game. The 1.5 rules give some useful nips and tucks to make the game flow smoother. I find that a full fleet vs fleet game takes 2-3 hours to play through.


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