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CanCon Beckons

canconlogoNo updates to the site this week-end, as I shall be out of my home town of Brisbane and at the nation’s capital of Canberra instead. CanCon is too good an opportunity.

I went to my first CanCon last year, and wrote an article about it for another website. This year, I am returning and bringing the family too. Unlike a lot of boardgame/wargame events, CanCon manages to be be friendly to spectators, browsers and even non-gamers looking to see what all the fuss is about.

So I shall have a wife and two daughters in tow, and I expect there will be plenty for them all to look at and enjoy. CanCon features participation games as well as organised events, and has a good vendor representation. I look at it as having a big shop that’s like having a dozen website all bundles together, except I don’t need to remember by login details in order to buy anything.

Last year I picked up the Viktorias box for Malifaux, something I just finished painting. No doubt I’ll find something else to buy this year.



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