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Going Wild

It’s not been two hours since I funded a project, and something else on Kickstarter has caught my eye.


Wildman is a forthcoming RPG – assuming it gets funded of course – from Gas Powered Games. This company was founded by Chris Taylor. Chris was responsible for Total Annihilation, which remains one of my favourite computer games. It was a real-time strategy game set in the far future, using fully 3D models. Back in the 90s this was a revolution. The game’s music is what has stayed with me over the years though. So atmospheric, if you can seek it out, I fully recommend it.

Back to Wildman. Looks good. I haven’d finished playing through Torchlight II yet, so I don’t know. The Kickstarter finishes in February. You may wish to take a look. There is a goodly amount of concept art and videos available even at this early stage.

The Kickstarter is for $1,100,000. I’m not industry expert, but I’d peg that as around one-third the money they need to complete the game, so I don’t know. Perhaps they have a backer willing to match whatever they can raise through Kickstarter? Possible. Perhaps this is the funding gap between their own capital and what they need to complete? Also possible. This game looks good, and I have a high level of confidence in the Gas Powered Games team to succeed at this.



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