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Malifaux Outcasts Complete

The Malifaux Outcasts painting project is complete! This is based on the Viktorias gang box set, with Sue as an additional miniature.

Even with 20+ years of wargaming experience I found the Malifaux rulebook so perplexing that I have yet to play a game. However I don’t regret the purchase and painting of these excellent figures for one second.

These figures were all painted over a black undercoat. I usually work from white, but with these models I based them first, put down the basing material except the tufts, then sprayed the whole thing black. I painted the base first, then the model.

This being a steampunk game I gave most figures some interesting hair colours. Pink for Tayla, Turquoise for Bishop, and the Viktorias themselves in blue and red – or ice and fire as I like to think of it! Blue-hair Viktoria has her base decorated with a head from Scibor.



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